2021 , digital media series

These Days

2020, photo series

Ideas that stuck in the back of my mind throughout the duration of the process of this photo series were care and community, more specifically within black bodies. I feel like often this sort of care within community isn’t highlighted enough, so I wanted to display this through an everyday aspect of black joy .

Solace in Nature,

2020, photograph

Amidst all the problems the world continues to face, a safe space for me are ones that are quiet, and a place I can always return to are ones that are in nature, I find myself the most calm, and anxiety free, alone in nature.

Wish I Was With You

2020, digital media collage

The isolation and distance caused as byproduct of the pandemic has forced me into deep reflections of relationships I once had.

Who Saves Us Now

2020, collage

Notes to the Self

2020, collage

Dreaming of More

2020, Digital Media collage


2020, digital media collage


2020, photo series

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